About us

Perennial experience

Srebnicki Recycling has been working on plastic recycling since 1998. Now we have a lot of experience in working with polyolefins – LDPE, HDPE, PP and PS (granulating and regrinding). Our measures are friendly for environment – the postproduction material from our suppliers can be repassed through the production line, the clean plastic waste can be regranulated for the re-use in the plastic market.

We are working on the high class Italian machines witch mades us proud of the granulate quality.

Granulation services:

  • we are offering granulation services of HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP and PS,
  • top quality Italian machines with a modern and efficient technical solutions,
  • in the purpose to made a top quality, clean granules we apply a original filtration sieves (high density, 125 microns),
  • we have a machinery park which allow us to regrind the big dimension waste (lumps and roles with the mass exceed 100 kg),
  • dispensers that we have made us able to tinge the granulate consentaneously to the client request.

Purchasing of a polymers:

  • we are interested in buying a waste of plastic material like HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP or PS (specially clean postproduction waste),
  • we have our own transport,
  • we are looking forward to the possibility of a long term cooperation.

Selling plastic granules:

  • or company offer the granulates of HDPE, LDPE, PP (made from a clean postproducion waste)